Reiss A/W14 ‘Cover Story’ Menswear Lookbook.

Reiss A/W14 'Cover Story' Menswear Lookbook. menswear mensfashion outerwear coats jackets leather peacoat biker jacket autumn winter Reiss A/W14 ‘Cover Story’ Menswear Lookbook.

Autumn is officialy here and it’s time to crack out the layers to brave the elements, perfect timing for Reiss to unveil their ‘Cover Story’ lookbook highlighting the best of their outerwear for the A/W14 season. Reiss have become an interesting high street staple in recent years managing to balance their high end exclusivity with the inclusive nature of social media, they have really cleverly marketed to the masses while still protecting their brand principles. I love how quintessentially British Reiss are in their styling, since moving to London their menswear collections just feel so much more identifiable to my sense of style now and being a big social media fan it’s amazing to see them reaching out this way. This lookbook is really eye catching both for it’s contents and it’s setting, the autumnal beach theme is amazing and really helps set the…

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Winter is coming…!

Autumn is here, and Winter is just around the corner, specially in London… it is time to store those shorts and vests and take the jackets, trousers, cozy socks, scarves and everything that I personally love, out!

This is the season in which we can hide all those afternoons that we didn’t go to the gym, and can start eating comfort food in the good company of Netflix.

Scarves are my favourite accessory for the cold, we usually have to wear boring and colourless suits in order to look appropriate for work, but, when outside of the office, who says we can’t spice up our appearance, wearing a nice looking scarf with a plain and “age appropriate” coat can make the difference between looking like a dad, and looking like a fashionable man. be creative! and don’t be afraid to show a little bit of your personality!