Cardigans in the City

Although some newspapers are saying we are about to have 2 weeks of full summer, which for England is pretty much as good as it gets, it is always sensible and sometimes required to have something to throw on for those days that go from Sahara to Iceland in 2 hours, in my case I always carry an umbrella and a cardigan in my bag, a black cardigan will work literally in any occasion, but since it’s almost 30 degrees outside, let’s play with some other colours!, red, green, grey, Khaki, they will always work for this time of year, mind although, what kind of shirt you are wearing, red and pink; black and brown; blue and purple are big no no’s

Zara’s got a great diversity of cardigans that are sold at around 15.99 GBP at the sale taking place at this very moment:


Colours of the season for Men (Summer 2014)

Being a man doesn’t need to mean being monotone boarding on boring, that is so victorian… it is 2014 after all, and masculinity is no longer defined as wearing black, white and grey. When out of the office and into the town it is time to paint the town red, quite literally I mean. Designers proposed a variety of extravagant colours for this year’s summer. Paul Smith launched a SS14 collection that include pieces like:


These shades of pink, blues and reds that a lot of you would say -Absolutely not, gives you not only the statement of being absolutely comfortable with your sexuality, whatever it is, but the edge of being fashionable and modern. by all means, nobody is asking or suggesting you to dress like a clown, but inspired by this new trend you could have some accents in your daily outfit to bring some different colours in this new season.

Zara offers a variety of chinos for this summer, and FYI they are on a sale at the moment, these trousers that I’m about to show you can give you a sense of what you can wear on saturday afternoon . but please, do throw away the belt all jeans come with!

25.99 GBP