Cardigans in the City

Although some newspapers are saying we are about to have 2 weeks of full summer, which for England is pretty much as good as it gets, it is always sensible and sometimes required to have something to throw on for those days that go from Sahara to Iceland in 2 hours, in my case I always carry an umbrella and a cardigan in my bag, a black cardigan will work literally in any occasion, but since it’s almost 30 degrees outside, let’s play with some other colours!, red, green, grey, Khaki, they will always work for this time of year, mind although, what kind of shirt you are wearing, red and pink; black and brown; blue and purple are big no no’s

Zara’s got a great diversity of cardigans that are sold at around 15.99 GBP at the sale taking place at this very moment:


How to wear shorts?

Different Types of Shorts

Wearing shorts can be a difficult topic, some find it too sporty and unsophisticated while others clearly abuse of them, let’s set something straight, if it’s less than 20C outside, you should not be wearing shorts, no excuse is permitted!. now, given that the right temperature has taken place, (And I live in London so I don’t experience it that often), wearing the appropriate shorts is crucial, take into account the length of your legs, long legs can wear pretty much any type of shorts but if you have short legs, please oh please, do not wear anything below the knee!; now gentlemen, it is the 21st century and neither ladies nor men like legs with a bushy carpet on them, hairs are nice and manly but there has to be a difference between men and gorilla, if you have hairy legs, trimming them won’t make you less of man, but it will make you more desirable. Believe me!