How to Wear Glasses

I know there are many articles out there about this subject, and shockingly, after a lot of research, I found out they all contradict each other, everyone has its own take on what kind of sunglasses fit each face shape, but are we all that alike?, that they can just divide us into 4 different kind of faces, people seem to think so. My take in glasses is that they are like scarves, there is a lot of variety and all of them seem to fit everyone, and even though I don’t like telling people exactly what to do, there are several guidelines when it comes to glasses, and it’s not just about shapes, but about making your face look better, because we all know, you will never look hotter than when you’re wearing sunglasses.

Because I know you’ve googled our YouTube’d how to know what shape your face is (believe me, there are so many, one more ridiculous than the next one) I know you know what shape your face is, (if not, psssst, go and find out!), I will divide faces in 4 specific shapes, no one will have the exact same shape but you get the idea.

  • Heart Shape: The top part of your face is wider than the lower part, some call it triangle shape as well, and because of this shape you need emphasis on the lower part of your face, so don’t buy glasses with big accessories on the top of the frame but, go for geometric shapes with thick and plastic frames. Suggested: Ray-Ban Erika
  • Square Shape: You face is full of angles and there’s not difference in length and width, glasses should always contrast and not mimic your shape, this is why you need round glasses with thin frames in order to mark those masculine angles. Suggested: Ray-Ban Aviators

  • Oval Shape: your face is longer than it is wide, that is why you need frames to give you width, thick frames will give you definition and the width needed. Suggested: Ray-Ban Wayfarers

  • Round Shape: You face is like a circle, a d your sunglasses should thin it down, do not even consider wearing round or square glasses, you need rectangular glasses with thin and light frames. Suggested: Polaroid P4126A



Florals, Florals, Florals

It is the time of the flowers blossoming, the al fresco dining, picnics, sunbathing at the park and flip flop wearing (unfortunately for some), Florals have been with us for many many years, usually for women in the spring or tacky dads at the beach, but as with everything in fashion, Chavy can become trendy in a runway!, This months GQ UK features a fashion section dedicated to florals and I personally think that with the right accessories it could be very fashionable.

Ben Sherman ( has a great variety of long and short sleeve shirts that would look great on you for this hot months. but at £28.00 TopMan ( is the clear winner of this topic, they offer a great selection of printed shirts that go from prune to wild, it is your pick after all, here are some examples:


Wear these florals with plain trousers, and light coloured shoes, take some fancy glasses with you and you are good to go!…